Michael Speerbrecker, President

Mike grew up around heavy equipment and construction. After getting his business degree, he came back to work for the company. Since then, his involvement has been an integral part of the business' growth and successes. Mike ensures the company's vision is always in the forefront and progressively works on the strategic planning of the company.

Raymond Speerbrecker, Past President
Ray has been involved in heavy construction and forestry in B.C. since the 50's when he came from Saskatchewan to work on the building of the Trans Canada highway. Ray is still involved in the day to day operations of the company but enjoys the freedom to get away for a game of golf or to go snowmobiling.

Speers Construction - Revelstoke BCMichael Miller, General Manager
Mike was involved with his own family in a Heavy Construction Company since the mid 1960's and then came to work for Speers in 1998. His vast experience has been a great asset with the growth of the company. Mike brings with him construction management involving estimating, project administration and control, general affairs administration and corporate direction.

Speers Construction
Mark Belsham, Project Supervisor
Mark joined Speers Construction Inc. in the early part of 2004 to run our forestry division.  He brought with him, experience in both road and cut block engineering.  Since then, Mark has also applied his supervisory experience to other aspects of our forestry operations and also had a keen interest to jump into the construction side of the business.  He has successfully ran some of our double tracking, pipeline and subdivision construction jobs.

Speers Construction
Wayne Speerbrecker,
Mine Superintendent/Project Supervisor

In a similar way to Ray, Wayne (Ray's brother) moved from Saskatchewan to B.C. to work in construction.  Wayne is proficient in operating all types of equipment and spent part of the 90's hauling ore at the mine.  In 1998 he took the position of Mine Superintendent and was in charge of all mining operations. Wayne has also worked on a few of our  "run of the river" hydro jobs as a foreman.

Speers Construction

Roger Barstad - Project Supervisor
Roger came to Speers in 2004, bringing with him 20 years of experience running heavy equipment and 27 years of local area knowledge.  His expertise and natural leadership abilities soon saw him assisting in the running of the Clowhom Hydro Project and as the main Project Supervisor for the Bone Creek Hydro Project in 2009/10.

Al Ashby, Welding Superintendent
Al first worked for Speers in 2002. Since then he has been in charge of all of our welding and pipe installation including the Canadian Hydro projects in Squamish where he oversaw the installation of nine foot penstock on a seventy degree slope. Al has worked all over the world on pipeline projects and his experience and knowledge is a great asset to Speers.

Kim Rienks, Controller

Kim came to work for Speers in 1999. Along with her accounting background, she brought technical experience which enabled us to upgrade our administrative systems to a new level. She ensures management is financially informed and assists in making various business decisions.

Sara Joseph, Administrative Assistant

Sara Joseph is Speers newest addition having joined the team in January of 2009 after completing her Business Administration degree. As our Administrative Assistant Sara is responsible for a multitude of tasks including payroll, accounts payable, executive assistant to the president and front reception. Her positive nature and bright cheery personality has proved to be a definite asset to our office.

Mike Barton, Master Mechanic
Mike decided to give up wrenching in the underground mines and came above ground to work for Speers in 1997. With his heavy equipment experience and excellent sense of humour, Mike brought Speers the skills and attitude it was looking for. Mike runs his shop professionally and keeps the companies 40 pieces of heavy equipment eco-friendly and running sound.

Sherry Chandler, Health & Safety Coordinator
Sherry joined the Speers team in May 2007 to help implement and streamline Speer's health and safety program.  She ensures standards are maintained to meet COR, SAFE and Canqual certifications and that our employees are operating in the safest manner possible.  She brings with her 27 years of experience in the health and safety field including 20+ years as a paramedic and has worked in geology exploration, underground mining, oil and gas and forestry camps.  Her diverse background, organizational skills and commitment to safety has been an asset as Speers continues to grow and diversify.

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