Hydro & Penstock Construction

Speers has taken on Penstock contracts involving 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 84, 96 and 108 inch welded steel, HDPE and Ductile Iron pipe with  connection facilities. All penstock construction demands a very high level of operational and technical skills. With safety and environmental management a top priority, Speers meets all the demands and delivers on time.

The projects generally include ROW preparation, bedding production, unloading and stringing, welding, testing coating bedding and backfill, restoration and survey.

Hydro & Penstock Construction


Speers Construction has been involved in the development and growth of B.C.’s hydro industry since Ray worked on the Mica Dam exploration with his first D7E dozer in the late 1960’s. Since those early days, Speers Construction has worked on and around some of B.C. Hydro’s large dams as well as multiple independent “Run of the River” Hydro projects.

Over the past 16 years, Speers Construction has been fortunate enough to develop good working relationships with B.C. Hydro (public sector provider), Canadian Hydro Developers/Trans Alta/ Blue Earth (a leader in the development of low impact “green power”) and Canadian Projects Ltd. (specializing in renewable energy development ventures).

Hydro & Penstock Construction

Hydro Projects

Hydro projects that Speers Construction has made varying contributions to are 10MW Akolkolex RV power project (1994), 45MW Pingston power project (2001-03), 25MW Mamquam power project (2004-05), 6.6MW Cranberry Creek power project (2006-07), 11MW X 2 Upper and Lower Clowhom power project (2008-09),the 18MW Bone Creek power project (2009-10) now owned by Trans Alta, the 38MW Jimmie Creek power project (2014-16), Culliton Creek Power Project (2015-16) and the 350 KW Ahtaapq Creek Project (2020-21).

Our involvement in these projects has included site preparation, road construction, land and power line clearing, penstock installation as well as dam construction and other earth works.

We look forward to utilizing our expertise in the continued development and growth of British Columbia’s private and public sector hydro resources.